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Attracting New Customers with Targeted Multi-Channel Marketing

Attracting New Customers with Targeted Multi-Channel Marketing

Learn how Distribion developed and deployed a targeted multi-channel marketing campaign via email, direct mail and display advertising and saw a 900% ROI.

Download Reply All: Part 3

Reply All: Part 3

Download part three of the Reply All ebook series to learn testing and tracking techniques to examine how you can craft an email that delivers positive results.

Download Reply All: Part 2

Reply All: Part 2

Download part two of the Reply All ebook series to learn how to craft compelling emails that deliver.

Download Reply All: Part 1

Reply All: Part 1

Download part one of the Reply All eBook series to learn how to design successful emails with the right subject line, content, user experience and layout.

Download Marketing Automation: The Key to Customer Satisfaction

Marketing Automation: The key to customer satisfaction

Looking for news ways to improve loan officer's marketing and sales experience, this national lending company partnered with Distribion to implement the Distributed Marketing Platform understanding that marketing automation would be the key to customer engagement.

Download The Power of Personalized Automation

The Power of Personalized Automation

Learn how one brand harnessed the power of personalization to save hundreds of design hours and stay compliant on a local marketing level.

Download A Case for Infographics

 A Case for Infographics

Learn how infographics can play an important role in building your digital brand presence and boost social media traffic.

Driving Email Engagement

We followed our own best practices in a recent email drip campaign for a client in the automotive industry.

The Art of A|B Testing

A|B testing can help you target the personal preferences and habits of your customers to make your marketing initiatives more effective. 

Email Marketing Metrics That Matter

Key Email Marketing Metrics along your email's journey from the time it arrives in an inbox to when the contact becomes a customer.

The Weekly Marketing Content Calendar

We analyze the best day of the week to send marketing content that generate the highest conversion rates.

Download the infographic and start planning your week of content.

The Ambitious List of Marketing Resolutions

Just as you set personal goals for the New Year, so should you set marketing resolutions for your brand. Our list of resolutions for the ambitious marketer.

The Definitive List of Marketing Automation Providers

We’ve assembled a list of the top marketing automation providers and listed them side-by-side with over 20 key features so you can compare for yourself.

The Email Marketing Checklist

Follow this email marketing checklist to achieve significant open and click through rates. What to include on your next email campaign and things to avoid.

Get to Know the Top Distributed Marketing Providers

Distributed marketing automation is the best way for organizations in need of delivering a compliant and consistent marketing campaign, but who are the top performing providers and how do they match up?

3 Tactical Steps to Implementing a 360° Marketing Campaign

In today's fast paced marketing environment, a campaign has to pivot 360° to reach the right consumers and become successful. 

But where should you start? We've created a 1-page guide to help get the ball rolling.

8 Social Media Metrics Every Marketer Should Know

Which metrics are truly important to long-term social media success? Here's our list of 8 social media metrics every marketer should know.

Social Media
Best Practices Guide

Creating shareable content that appears in the right place, at the right time, and with the right message.

Finding the Right Email Marketing Provider

We’ve researched the most important features (13 to be exact) of the top email marketing platforms and compared them side-by-side, so you can choose which one is right for your business.

The Savvy Marketer's Guide

The Savvy Marketer's Guide will teach you more about the real-world application of marketing automation.

Choosing a Social Media Marketing Platform

Whether your brand is just starting out on social media or ready for a full-feature management tool, you will want to see how the top competitors could best fit your company’s needs

A Conversation
with Tim Storer

Tim Storer, Distribion President & CEO, sits down with LIMRA to discuss the nuances of the distributed marketing environment.

The Marketing Automation Trends Report

Download the infographic that covers valuable trends in marketing automation that are driving strong results.

Beginner's Guide to Marketing Automation

The Beginner's Guide is your resource to getting started with marketing automation in six simple steps.
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